Month: December 2013

Going Quackers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but there’s still plenty of messiness. 🙂

1) Phil Robertson for his comments in GQ.


After expressing his beliefs on homosexuality and race relations in an interview with GQ’s Drew Magary, Robertson was suspended from his hit show Duck Dynasty on A&E.

Read the full interview here –> What The Duck?

Honestly, I think Robertson means well. He just needs to work on his delivery….

2) Anyone who made North West‘s eyebrows a big deal.


After posting a picture of North West on Instagram, Kim Kardashian was accused of waxing the baby’s eyebrows. In the above picture, North’s eyebrows are both thick and seemingly well-groomed.

Personally, I don’t think that Kim waxed her baby’s brows. Even if she did, the story shouldn’t have been news. I mean, as long as North looks happy and healthy, who cares about a little hair removal? Not me.

p.s. North is gorgeous!

3) Justin Bieber for “joking” about retirement.


Last week, while promoting his newest album, Journals, Bieber claimed that he would be retiring soon. Although I am not a Belieber, I must admit that I was sad to hear about Bieber’s decision. For one, the teenage singer is an absolute hot mess and provides constant news for this blog. Not to mention, he also makes some good pop songs.

Justin Bieber Retiring

Luckily, sources close to Bieber are saying that the singer was only joking. Not cool Biebs!


**Journals was released today! **

4) Chris Brown for just being a mess.


Chris Brown’s probation was revoked recently over his October arrest in D.C.

With everything that has been going on with Chris Brown in recent years, it’s very clear that the singer may always need professional help. In Novemeber, Brown was ordered to participate in a 90-day program for anger management and other issues. Although it’s sad that Brown can’t get it together on his own, I’m glad that he is reportedly doing well with rehab.

Chris Brown Attends Toy Drive For X-mas

Now, let’s hope that Brown can release his next album, X, before 2015….

5) Porsha Stewart for thinking that the Underground Railroad was an actual train…


I’m not even going to explain this one. It’s best if you read the article at People.

Porsha Stewart Thinks Underground Railroad Is A Train

There’s nothing worse than not knowing your own history…At least Porsha gave me one more thing to laugh about before Christmas…lol


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Do You Understand?

Words cannot express how happy I am to be home blogging. Last week did not disappoint with the hot mess news, and now it’s time to get it!

1) Thamsanqa Jantjie for his “performance” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

Thamsanqa Jantjie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about Jantjie, the man who tried to fool the world into believing that he was a legitimate sign language interpreter at Mandela’s memorial service.


As Jantjie “signed” on stage next to world leaders like President Obama, deaf viewers became outraged at the gobbledygook coming from his hands. After receiving strong criticism for his interpretations, Jantjie stood by his signing, claiming that people have never had a problem with him before now.

As humorous as I think all of this is, it saddens me that this idiot has become more of a topic of discussion than Mandela’s funeral. The media is continuously finding out more about Jantjie and it’s not pretty. Apparently, he’s a schizophrenic murderer?!?

Interpreter Suffers Schizophrenic Episode

Thamsanqa Jantjie Accused of Murder

How did someone like this even get on the stage next to President Obama? I just don’t understand. Do you?

2) Lamar Odom for failing both at marriage and at life.


After rumors surfaced of Lamar Odom’s infidelity and crack/alcohol addictions, the world watched as Khloe Kardashian tried to be supportive of her husband.


Unfortunately, it looks like Odom’s transgressions have finally caused the marriage to end. Khloe finally filed for divorce over the weekend, and I can’t say that I blame her. Lamar is an idiot…

Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce

Good luck, Khloe!

3) Kandi Burruss for allowing her mother to dog her man.


First of all, if you do not watch Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, you should! There is enough drama surrounding singer/songwriter, Kandi Burrus, and her family for all of us.


Apparently, Kandi’s mother, Mama Joyce, does not approve of her daughter’s fiance, Todd Tucker. Mama Joyce has called Todd an opportunist on the show and has even accused him of cheating.

Now, I don’t know if any of what Mama Joyce is saying is true, but it sure is a hot mess. It’s also a mess that Kandi can’t seem to put her mother in check…

4) Beyonce’s haters.


Without any promotion, Beyonce quietly released her self-titled, fifth studio album on December 12th just a few minutes before midnight. Needless to say, the world went CRAZY.


The album includes 14 songs with accompanying music videos and has already broken records, selling over 800,000 copies in just three days.

Although I have never been a Beyonce stan, I have always given her credit for her role in the entertainment industry. No matter how much I hate some of her songs, I can’t deny her influence on the masses. She ALWAYS slays…lol

In sadder news….

This morning I was sad to learn that Hollywood lost another star. Peter O’Toole, who starred in 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, died yesterday at the age of 81.


As much as I love the holiday season, it always seems to be a time for loss. My prayers go out to the O’Toole family.

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I Can’t…

Sigh….Last week, the television and Internet made me so sad, and below is why.

1) America for eliminating Ellona Santiago on The X Factor.


After mini Chris Brown, Josh Levi, got kicked off the singing competition, I didn’t think that the show could get any worse. Sadly, I was wrong. Ellona Santiago, once a favorite to win, was the first one sent home during last week’s elimination. UGH!

Click here to see Ellona’s last performance – Ellona Performs Lady Gaga’s Applause

As much as I want to support Simon Cowell’s ratings disaster of a show, I just can’t anymore. I mean….who am I going to root for now?? I guess there’s always Alex and Sierra?


Watch their latest performance here – Alex and Sierra Perform Destiny’s Child

Even though I loved this performance, Alex and Sierra’s lovebird storyline makes me want to vomit. Simon, please bring back Josh!

2) America for eliminating Matthew Schuler on The Voice.

The Voice - Season 5

I just can’t win with these singing competitions! This cutie was one of my favorites and arguably the best vocalist on the show. I love Christina Aguilera, but I don’t think that I can root for the remaining member on her team, Jacquie Lee. It’s just not going to be the same without Matthew!

3) The Grammys for snubbing Miley Cyrus.


Okay, I know that Miley Cyrus has had a crazy year filled with ungodly antics, but her album was GOOD! Like, how did she not get nominated for any of the major awards??? I’m sorry, but “Wrecking Ball” is WAY better than that stupid  “Roar” song…

I love Katy Perry, but no.

4) The Grammys for just being an overall hot mess.


I just have a list of Grammy questions that I need to be answered. For one, WHY is J. Cole not nominated for the Best Rap Performance category? WHY is Ariana Grande not nominated for Best New Artist? WHY is Faith Evans even nominated for a Grammy?!? I mean, did anyone even know that she had an album out? Do people even remember her??

Honestly, I just can’t. This year’s Grammys are a MESS and I can only hope that they do better next time.

p.s. MTV just named Miley Cyrus the best artist of the year!

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I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! I know I did, especially with all of the new releases at the box office. It is definitely the holiday season and the stars are coming out to play, which gives me even more hot messness to talk about before 2014. So, let’s get it!

1) Disney for approving the songs in Frozen.


After reading great reviews of the film, I was so excited to see Disney’s Frozen over the weekend. For the most part, Frozen did not disappoint. The characters were cute, funny, and lovable, while the plot was overall pretty entertaining. The only miss (and this was a BIG miss) was the music.

For the life of me, I do not know why Disney decided to skip on Alan Menkin for this project. Menkin was the genius behind such classics as The Little MermaidAladdin, and Hercules. Although Frozen tried to give us the same magical moments as these earlier pictures, the music just fell incredibly flat. I mean, the songs’ lyrics didn’t even rhyme! Not to mention, the vocabulary that was used was beyond basic. What happened to using words like “provincial” and “succession” ???

Honestly, all I can say is that I don’t remember a single song from the movie. Maybe next time Disney will actually get it right…

2) Kanye West for just being Kanye West.


Last week, Kanye did a series of interviews to try and explain his “creative genius” to the world. Unfortunately, Kanye allowed his temper to outshine his message and ended up getting into a heated argument on the radio show, Sway in the Morning.


Check the entire interview here – Kanye West on Sway in the Morning

Although I completely understand what Kanye is saying about people being “slaves,” I think that he needs to find a different approach to interviews.

3) X Factor for eliminating Josh Levi.


Simon Cowell’s X Factor is struggling in the ratings department and the show is about to lose one more viewer. Last Thursday, when I watched the live results show, I was in shock when two of the top talents left the competition – Josh Levi and Lillie McCloud. Even though I love Lillie, I never saw her in the final 4. Josh, however, was a different story. On the show, the kid had more talent in his left pinky than half the acts combined.

Check out Josh’s last performance here – Josh Levi – Treasure


This kid is a STAR and it’s just a matter of time before we see an album or television show from him. TEAM JOSH!

4) People Magazine for naming Adam Levine “The Sexiest Man Alive.”


Now, I know that a lot of people find Adam to be incredibly “sexy,” but is he reeeeeeeally the sexiest man alive??? I think not.


And in sadder news…

Today, Hollywood and fans of the Fast and Furious movies continue to mourn the loss of Paul Walker. The 40-year-old actor was in a fiery car crash on Saturday in Santa Clarita, CA. Investigators are still trying to figure out causes for the fatal accident.

Actor Paul Walker

In addition to The Fast and the Furious, the ageless actor was also known for She’s All That, Into the Blue, and Takers.

R.I.P. Paul


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