Month: February 2014

Why Can’t We All Be Fantastic???

Okay, I’m back and let’s hope that I can keep up this new run much longer than the last. Time to get it!

1) Comic fans for not learning their lesson.

People-Michael B Jordan

Last week, it was announced that Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan would play the Human Torch in the new Fantastic 4 movie. After the announcement, a few fans were upset, arguing that having a black Human Torch would stray too far from the comics.


Although I understand where these “comic-book purists” are coming from, I can’t fully support their argument. Hollywood has always played around with comic book characters, and as long as the writers/directors explain how a black Human Torch could be related to a white Invisible Woman, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Not to mention, the last Fantastic 4 movies had a more “accurate” casting and were still garbage…Therefore, congrats to Michael B. Jordan on the role. I’m sure he’ll knock it out of the park and shut everyone up for a long time to come.

2) Justin Bieber for being an absolute train wreck.


With all of the news that’s out about him, Justin Bieber has become one of the biggest train wrecks since Lindsay Lohan…

I used to really root for him, but then I realized that I don’t care about him as much as I did Lindsay. With that said, it would be tragic for another talented star to fall from the Hollywood skies.

p.s. If anyone still cares about Bieber’s music, feel free to listen to his new song here  —> Justin Bieber’s Broken

3) Teen Mom stars for just being absolute messes.

Over the weekend, I got caught up on the young parents from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Sometimes when I watch these shows and their specials, I am actually proud of the young parents and everything that they have accomplished since having children in high school. However, there have always been a few less than stellar seeds (i.e. Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, and Adam Lind) on the shows. See below –

Farrah Abraham


While on Teen Mom, Farrah, though annoying a lot of the time, seemed to be a really good mother. Even today, she’s managed to capitalize on the success of the show and buy a gorgeous house for her and her daughter. Unfortunately, it’s Farrah’s sex tape and narcissistic attitude that put her on this list.

Jenelle Evans


Jenelle Evans has always been a mess, and it’s pretty hard for any Teen Mom 2 fan to root for her. After being arrested multiple times for drug possession (Jenelle is a recovering heroine user), one would think that this mom would start focusing a little bit more on just herself. Instead, Jenelle has decided to have another baby with her new boyfriend…

Read all about Jenelle’s decision here – Jenelle Evans Pregnant

For those of you who don’t know, Jenelle has never had much luck with men. Several of her boyfriends have been arrested and have abused drugs…

Adam Lind


Like Jenelle, Adam has always been a hot mess. He continues to stay in the news for his misbehaviors.

Read more here —Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind Crashes Car Into Elderly Woman

Luckily, it sounds like everyone will be okay. What an absolute mess…


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