He Bathes In Cheeto Dust

Needless to say, last week was very eventful. From the U.S. presidential inauguration to the Women’s March, there was never a dull moment.

Let’s get it!

Hot Mess #1: Donald Trump’s team for all of their “alternative facts.”


First of all, I would just like to say that I really am not a Trump basher. Although I’m not looking forward to watching him and his long ties over the next four years, I understand that he is our president and will show him the utmost respect when he deserves it. Fortunately for me, he hasn’t deserved it yet… x-O

We all know that Trump is a mess, but it’s the messiness of his team that is truly astounding. Since Trump’s inauguration, his minions (i.e. Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway) have been spewing some of their worst lies to the American public and rebranding them as “alternative facts.”


Press Secretary Sean Spicer: ‘Our Intention is Never to Lie to You’

I won’t go much further into detail than the article above. It’s just frustrating that Trump’s team has made a deliberate effort to treat the public like idiots….

Spicer, next time you want to lie about how many (a.k.a. how few) people attended the presidential inauguration, try not to have photo evidence of your false claims dominating social media…


Hot Mess #2: The U.S. for electing a man who triggered a world-wide demonstration


If you weren’t watching Trump’s inauguration on Friday, then you were probably gearing up for the Women’s March on Saturday.

In response to Trump’s dangerous rhetoric about women and other minority groups, millions united around the world to form one of the largest protests in history.


Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent

I’m not a political expert or anything, but it would appear that a country that sparks this much global mobilization is a HOT mess.


BTWs, if you haven’t watched Ashley Judd’s performance of “Nasty Woman”  from the march, then you absolutely HAVE to. I have never been more entertained in my entire life. She gave me all the feels, all the snaps, and all the comedy.

Ashley Judd does “Nasty Woman”

“I’m not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in CHEE-to dust!”


Out of all of this, I’m glad that at least Cheetos are getting some much deserved publicity.

cheetos-crunchy-cheese.png 587df4c5f361e2932d83c348ce152891a80fdcc7fb46317482efb5ffa8cd4943_1.gif


And with that, I’m going to end today’s post. There’s only so much orange I can take…

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  1. Make no mistake, you are a Trump basher. Make a non-basher statement, then bash away. Who are you fooling? Who took the 2017 photo and what time of day was it taken? This is a set up purposely to make things look bad for Trump. If the attendance was as low as the photo portrays, perhaps the many Trump supporters who came out in droves during the campaign chose not to mingle with the “friendly marchers and protesters”. Watched Ashley Judd – she is nasty…and Cher and Madonna. All have gone crazy. The hot mess in this country is the level of political snobbery and disrespect. Huge problem is the double standard and hypocrisy that is blatant. You perfect people have no problem morally criticizing your political opponents with despicable behavior. Where were you all when Bill Clinton ruined Monica Lewinsky’s life and lied about it under oath? Not to mention all the other women. This was more than a private conversation which happens all the time between men (about women) and between women (about men). And guess what, it happened during his presidency, not ten years before getting elected. Where was your social outcry when Anthony Weiner was busy tweeting has private parts and exploiting his child? Why are you not complaining about how the news media cheated and colluded with the democrat party to influence the election? You all are so superior that you find pride in selectively demeaning people for your pleasure and entertainment. Cheetos doesn’t need or deserve your negative publicity. Too bad you can’t be effective and meaningful with your blather. To actually do something that makes a difference for the good of all mankind and not just your cohorts, because, believe it or not, there are A LOT OF PEOPLE who are happy with the new presidential selection. You know, the basket of deplorables. Hope your superiority and hatefulness makes you feel good.

    1. Hi Rhonda – I appreciate your passionate words, but I do want to highlight a couple of things. For one, no one is off limits on my blog. If you read my posts, you’ll see that I talk about everyone, including people I like. If you’re a hot mess, then you’re a hot mess, and that’s all there is to it….Trump and his camp blatantly lie to the public on a regular basis even when things have been well documented and recorded. Trust me, I know that all politicians lie for that is a part of the game. However, I simply can’t leave Donald off this list because A LOT OF PEOPLE are happy with his election…Secondly, I would just like to stress that I was a child when Bill Clinton was in office, so unfortunately, I was unable to call him out on his actions back in the day. Best believe, however, he would’ve made my list today for his misbehaviors. I do not condone cheating on your wife or lying. As for Anthony Weiner, we can all agree that he is a pervert, but that doesn’t mean I’m moved enough to write about him. If you want someone to talk about Weiner, then by all means begin your own blog. There’s more than enough space for all of us 🙂 …Lastly, I do not think that I am superior to anyone. I think I’m fair. The same way I currently dislike Trump is the same way I love George Bush. What’s going on in this country is not just about politics. It’s about human decency and kindness. #thinkaboutit

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