I Can’t…

Sigh….Last week, the television and Internet made me so sad, and below is why.

1) America for eliminating Ellona Santiago on The X Factor.


After mini Chris Brown, Josh Levi, got kicked off the singing competition, I didn’t think that the show could get any worse. Sadly, I was wrong. Ellona Santiago, once a favorite to win, was the first one sent home during last week’s elimination. UGH!

Click here to see Ellona’s last performance – Ellona Performs Lady Gaga’s Applause

As much as I want to support Simon Cowell’s ratings disaster of a show, I just can’t anymore. I mean….who am I going to root for now?? I guess there’s always Alex and Sierra?


Watch their latest performance here – Alex and Sierra Perform Destiny’s Child

Even though I loved this performance, Alex and Sierra’s lovebird storyline makes me want to vomit. Simon, please bring back Josh!

2) America for eliminating Matthew Schuler on The Voice.

The Voice - Season 5

I just can’t win with these singing competitions! This cutie was one of my favorites and arguably the best vocalist on the show. I love Christina Aguilera, but I don’t think that I can root for the remaining member on her team, Jacquie Lee. It’s just not going to be the same without Matthew!

3) The Grammys for snubbing Miley Cyrus.


Okay, I know that Miley Cyrus has had a crazy year filled with ungodly antics, but her album was GOOD! Like, how did she not get nominated for any of the major awards??? I’m sorry, but “Wrecking Ball” is WAY better than that stupid  “Roar” song…

I love Katy Perry, but no.

4) The Grammys for just being an overall hot mess.


I just have a list of Grammy questions that I need to be answered. For one, WHY is J. Cole not nominated for the Best Rap Performance category? WHY is Ariana Grande not nominated for Best New Artist? WHY is Faith Evans even nominated for a Grammy?!? I mean, did anyone even know that she had an album out? Do people even remember her??

Honestly, I just can’t. This year’s Grammys are a MESS and I can only hope that they do better next time.

p.s. MTV just named Miley Cyrus the best artist of the year!

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