America The Beautiful

Last week, I thought the biggest hot mess story would be the drama between Kimye and Taylor Swift. Then, Melania Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention (RNC) and all hell broke loose…

Let’s get it!

Hot Mess #1: Melania Trump for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech



Melania Trump proudly addressed the American people last Monday night and endorsed her husband as the next POTUS. Unfortunately for Melania, fans of the Obamas were also watching the RNC and quickly realized that her speech sounded very familiar…

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama side-by-side comparison

Yup, that’s right folks. Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech and thought she could get away with it…

Seeing as though we live in the age of social media, I’m not sure why anyone would ever plagiarize a high profile speech on national television. Then again, I know that Donald Trump’s campaign plays by its own rules and could care less about getting caught in a plagiarism scandal.

Trump Speechwriter Confesses To Plagiarism

The good news is that Melania’s speech set off a series of amazing tweets.

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes Kicks Off On Twitter After RNC Speech

p.s. Does anyone else think that Melania looked like Lucifer incarnate at the RNC? She’s definitely a beautiful woman, but those brows and eye makeup…

Hot Mess #2: Donald Trump for allowing Ted Cruz to take the stage


Unexpectedly, Ted Cruz became an American “hero” when he denounced Donald Trump’s nomination at the RNC.

Watch here –> Ted Cruz at the RNC

6358177449575238972087601154_giphy (1)

When the most punchable face on the planet beats you at your own game (even if it’s for 20 minutes), then you know you have a problem.


Side note: People tweeting that Ted Cruz looked like Mrs. Doubtfire throughout his campaign for the Republican nomination was the best.

Hot Mess #3: Debbie Wasserman and the DNC for just being a mess


If you haven’t heard, the DNC is corrupt. Surpriiiiiiise!


No, but really. Top members of the DNC (cough* cough* Debbie Wasserman) are corrupt and conspired against Bernie Sanders. Leaked DNC Emails

Sigh, when will people learn?

The last thing we need during the rise of Donald Trump is a political scandal that works in his favor…#Amess

Needless to say, I’m currently watching the Democratic National Convention, hoping against anymore hot mess speeches or scandals. So far everything is going smoothly, but it’s only night 1. We have a whole week of possibilities. And, as last week showed, anything can happen. *Ellie Goulding voice*

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