It’s Not Looking Good For The Men

It’s been a rough week for the men of Hollywood….Let’s get it.

Hot Mess #1: Mark Salling for child pornography charges


When I first heard the reports about the Glee star months ago, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I was in such disbelief that I almost forgot all about the child pornography allegations. Then, last week happened.

According to CNN and other media outlets, Salling has officially been indicted on charges of “receiving and possessing child pornography.” Apparently, Salling’s laptop, which was confiscated in December, contained thousands of inappropriate images…

Honestly, I always thought there was something about Salling. Sure, he’s talented, but his eyes said that there may be something slightly “off” about the actor…With that said, I never thought it would be this…#Gross.

Glee Actor Indicted For Child Porn 

Hot Mess #2: Bill Cosby for just being a mess.


Sometimes people make this list just for being an absolute mess, and in this case, it’s Cosby. For the last year, we have been talking about the rape allegations made against the comedian, and things aren’t getting any better…

As Cosby waits for his trial for sexual assault charges in Philly, more reports are surfacing about his misconduct with women. Not only is Cosby being accused of sexually assaulting anywhere between 50 to 60 women, but he’s also confessed to sleeping with teenage girls.

Bill Cosby admits to shocking behavior with teen girls

Sigh…Some of us just want to watch The Cosby Show in peace without all of the nonsense, but how can you ignore such a disturbing mess?

Side note: The older Cosby gets, the more he looks like an abuser… Harsh, but true.

Hot Mess #3: Johnny Depp for marrying Amber Heard


Despite my description, this really isn’t a dig against Amber Heard. All I’m saying is that Johnny’s physical appearance started going downhill after dating the actress and now he’s accused of domestic violence.

Since domestic violence is always a touchy subject and sometimes a matter of “he said, she said,” I won’t say much about the allegations. It’s just a mess that now Johnny and Amber are in a nasty divorce battle and with no prenup for guidance…

What I will say, however, is that I think Amber’s ask for spousal support is a little ridiculous (prenup or not). I think these two just need to go their separate ways and let the bad press subside.

p.s. Depp’s latest project, Alice Through The Looking Glass, bombed at the box office this weekend. Seeing as though the first Alice in Wonderland wasn’t the best flick, I don’t know if we can blame Depp for the bad ticket sales, but I’m sure it didn’t help…


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