Purple Tears Purple Tears

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve written a “Hot Mess Monday” post, but I think it’s time to bring this sucker back to life. With everything that’s been going on, there’s just too much happening for me to keep mum any longer. Starting today, I’ll be back to posting the top hot mess folks for the week. Let’s get it!

Hot Mess #1: Madonna for last night’s Prince tribute


Honestly, I’m not sure whether to label Madonna as a hot mess or the Billboard Music Awards. Although Madonna completely butchered “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Purple Rain,” it’s really Billboard’s fault for even letting her perform. Like, who thinks of Prince and goes, “Yes! Yes, I want to hear Madonna’s cover!”

Answer: Nobody


Not only did Madonna flop on stage, but she also took our dearly beloved with her. Poor Stevie. At least he can’t see the shade BET threw this AM….BET Throws Shade…I know Prince is crying purple tears from heaven.

p.s. Madonna’s purple suit was cute.

Hot Mess #2: Kanye West for another rant 


Last week, Kanye made another appearance on Ellen, which quickly turned into a very “real” moment. When asked how he wanted to help the world, Mr. West took the opportunity to turn the entire interview into a “discussion” about his fashion line, corporations, and glass ceilings. Even though Kanye’s comments were valid, his delivery was completely off…

I’m sure Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are pulling out their hair…Then again, any publicity is good publicity for the Kardashian-West clan, so maybe they are actually just laughing all the way to the bank. #coints

Side note: Despite his rant, Kanye proved to be in good spirits for the rest of the show. Watching him play Ellen’s 5 Second Rule is pure gold.

5 Second Rule with Kanye West 

Hot mess #3: Tamar Braxton for allegedly being fired from The Real 


I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with Tamar’s departure from the hit daytime talk show, but I am so mad she’s leaving. Although Tamar is a little bit of a ratch, her storytelling was hilarious and it was nice to see her sisters and mother make occasional appearances.

According to more recent reports, it sounds like Tamar had a strained relationship with producers, and that’s what ultimately led to her exit…


Le sigh…Why is it always the most entertaining people who get the boot?

Well, at least I have my other girls (Tamera, Loni, Jeanie, and Adrienne) to look forward to. #amess

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