I Don’t Get It

It’s been a while since I’ve stepped inside of a WordPress blog, but I am SO glad to be back. Some of you may know my other blog, I People Watch, which was my pride and joy for 3 years. As much as I loved I People Watch, I allowed life to get in its way. That’s why I am here with a new and more refined approach to the blogging world. Instead of trying to post about all things entertainment, I am strictly focusing on those individuals that give not just me, but all of us something to talk about. That’s right. Every Monday (starting tonight even though it’s now Tuesday… lol), I will be counting down the hottest and messiest celebrities.

Let’s get it!


1) Chris Brown for getting arrested AGAIN.



Over the weekend, Chris Brown was arrested in Washington, D.C. for punching a random by the name of Isaac Adams Parker in the face. Apparently, Isaac was struck after photobombing a picture that Brown was taking with a fan.

Now, I love Chris Brown and have forgiven him for his past transgressions, but I just can’t get over the stupidity he exhibits almost every week. He is ALWAYS in the news for some mess. Luckily, most of that mess has involved Twitter rants and random jabs at celebrities (I’m just going to ignore the club incident with Drake…).

Anyways, Brown is just too talented to continuously misbehave. Personally, I do not want him to serve any prison time. If he’s in jail, then who’s going to perform at the award shows??? And yes, I really just asked that question because today’s talent is oh so questionable…..


2) Julianne Hough for thinking she could avoid controversy.

Julianne Hough dresses up as Crazy Eyes from 'Orange is the New Black' as she attends the Casamigos Tequila halloween party in Hollywood

Julianne Hough, actress and former instructor on Dancing With The Stars, has found herself in the middle of controversy after attending a Halloween party on Saturday.  Hough, who claims to be a huge fan of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, dressed as Crazy Eyes, a popular character from the show. Unfortunately for Hough, no one told her that blackface was unacceptable.

When I first saw Hough’s unusually brown skin, I actually thought that she was trying her hardest not to be offensive. Her “blackface” (at least in this photo) is nowhere near the color and ridiculousness of what we’ve seen throughout history. Still, it brings up a dark part of America’s past, which can only lead to serious backlash.

My friends and I have actually had a pretty good conversation about dressing up for Halloween and what should be considered appropriate. We generally agreed that there’s no real reason to ever make yourself darker when trying to be another person. I have dressed up as a number of white people and never once thought to paint my skin white…

ANYWAYS, the conversation surrounding blackface could honestly go on forever. At the end of the day, Julianne Hough should have thought twice before walking out of the house with browned skin. Because let’s be honest… If we say that Julianne Hough “can do it”, we have to also say that the idiots below can do it too.




Side note: Anyone who thinks we are in a “post-racial” society is an absolute HOT MESS. Trust me, the world has a lot of growing up to do. We have come a very long way, but have so much further to go. Period.

3) Kim Kardashian‘s haters.


Last week, the Internet went crazy when it was announced that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were engaged. I am actually very happy for the pair and believe that Kanye’s intensions are good (even if he decides to go off the deep end every now and then in interviews). What saddens me though is the hateration that surrounds Kim K. In the comments section of several blogs, commenters bonded over calling Kim a “talentless ho” and other names.

Even though I’m sure Kim couldn’t care less about her haters, I have decided to make a mini list as to why people should stop hating on Ms. Kardashian.

1) She’s rich.

2) She’s beautiful.

3) She stays out of trouble. We don’t see her coked out around Hollywood, smashing into parked cars like Lindsay and Amanda…

4) She’s always described by her peers as being super sweet and a true friend.

5) She’s not behind a computer leaving nasty comments because she’s actually doing something with her life.

Honestly, I don’t care that much about Kim Kardashian even though her family always finds ways to amuse me. I just don’t like when I see the negativity online for no apparent reason. Some people need to seriously CALM DOWN!  lol

4) CeeLo Green accused of sexual assault.


Say it ain’t so CeeLo! Like seriously, I can’t have CeeLo in any kind of trouble. He’s just so lovable on NBC’s The Voice and seems like an overall good guy. Yes, he looks a little weird at times and always flirts with the female contestants, but it always seems harmless and in good fun. Sadly, you can never know what someone’s doing behind closed doors….

Fortunately for CeeLo, it looks like things are working in his favor. Due to “insufficient evidence,” it doesn’t appear that the singer will be charged with any type of assault. His only problem now is that little drug called ecstasy…

Read the full story here –> CeeLo Green Drug Charge



Today, I more or less failed at getting this post out on time. However, I am just so incredibly happy to be blogging again and hope that everyone continues to read. Can’t wait for next Monday! 🙂

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