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Sighs All Around

After having such a long and fabulous weekend, I wanted nothing more than to return to you all with a good Hot Mess list. Let’s get it!

1) Justin Bieber for being completely out of control.


Bieber was recently accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house, which has resulted in police searching his Calabasas mansion and finding a number of drugs. Although Bieber has yet to be arrested for anything, reports are saying that the Canadian singer could be deported.

Sigh…why do all of the Hollywood child stars go crazy? I love Bieber and all, but if he’s going around vandalizing property, then maybe he needs to get deported. Not to mention, he’s already made his money, and his career will probably start going downhill anyways…

2) Ciara for being pregnant.


WHY are people not more concerned about Ciara’s pregnancy?? I don’t care if she is irrelevant as a singer, she’s still way too good to be pregnant by Future.

ImageNo offense, but there is nothing hot about being a B-list rapper’s fourth baby mama. Also, last time I checked, Future’s net worth wasn’t that much…

At least Ciara still looks cute?

p.s. I also don’t understand getting pregnant before getting married unless you are just DESPERATE for a baby. Ladies, let’s try walking down the aisle first in 2014. 😉

3) Richard Sherman’s HATERS for hating.


Last night, the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl. Even though I was personally very excited about the Seahawk’s win (I can’t stand the Niners…), a number of Americans were outraged by Seahawk Richard Sherman’s passionate interview  with Erin Andrews after the game.

Read the full story here —> Richard Sherman Goes On Postgame Rant

If you ask me, there was nothing offensive about Sherman’s interview. As many have pointed out, he did not use any profanity or racial slurs unlike his critics on Twitter. Yes, he probably could’ve been a lot calmer during the interview, but he’s a passionate player who just won one of the biggest games of his football career. Give the guy a break.

Side note: Richard Sherman’s interview gives Americans another wakeup call when it comes to race relations and double standards in this country. As soon as Sherman was done the interview, he was called the N-word across social media.

Dumb People Say, Stupid Racist [Things] About Richard Sherman

I don’t care if you absolutely despise Sherman. It is never okay to call anyone outside of their name. Not to mention, if Sherman was a white man (yes, I said it), we probably wouldn’t be having another conversation about racism in America. I mean, Jim Harbaugh throws a temper tantrum on the sidelines ALL of the time and no one seems to be shouting racial slurs his way. Grow up, America. Please.

Also, in case you missed it, you can find Sherman in the new Beats by Dre headphones commercial.

When all is said and done, Sherman is definitely going to have the last laugh.

And with that…


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