The Grammys Edition

With everything that’s been going on in the “real” news, it’s nice to talk only about entertainment for once. This will be short and sweet.

Let’s get it!

Hot Mess #1: The Grammys for being an absolute snoozefest


I don’t know what’s been going on with the Grammys, but they have become progressively more boring over the years. Even though we had Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Metallica all in the same room, I was still feeling underwhelmed by the end. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure my friend turned the channel at one point to watch Homeland instead….


With that said, I have to give Bruno Mars a serious shoutout. He destroyed both of his performances last night.


Bruno first sang his single “That’s What I Like,” showing that music doesn’t have to be super upbeat to be electric. With the help of his manband, Bruno stole the show with a lot of smooth moves and harmonies. #suchapro

p.s. Bruno Mars and The Time gave us the best Prince tribute to date. After a horrible botching of “Nothing Compares To You” by Madonna and a much too loud “Purple Rain” by Jennifer Hudson (unpopular opinion, I know), Prince finally got the tribute he deserved last night. It was fun, funky, and full of life. Not to mention, Bruno’s purple suit was on point as well as his eyeliner. 😉


Bruno Mars, The Time Prince Tribute

Hot Mess #2: Whoever didn’t vote for Lemonade?

Although the Grammys were a complete bore, I did continue to watch for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not Beyonce would take home the most coveted prizes of the night, Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

When Adele “shocked” everyone and won both awards, I was honestly not that surprised. This year, it seemed like every artist from Justin Bieber to Rihanna decided to release their best bodies of work to give Beyonce a real run for her money. Not to mention, there was also tremendous hype around Adele’s album, 25, as well.


Now, I know that some believe Lemonade to be the only rightful winner of the evening. However, I personally think that Beyonce losing Album of the Year in 2015 was a much bigger upset than last night. At least yesterday, an album won that people actually listened to (no shade to Beck)….

And, for those of you crying racism, please just stop. I don’t think Beyonce’s loss has anything to do with racism. I agree with several critics who believe her loss to be a direct result of the splitting of votes. If you put Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Drake in the same category, then eventually their votes are going to start canceling one another out. It is what it is.

Grammys 2017: Why Adele beat Beyoncé for Album of the Year

p.s. Even though I don’t necessarily believe the Grammys to be racist, I do think that they have a little diversity issue on their hands. Perhaps the Recording Academy is a little too traditionalist (a nice word for white and old) for the times.

Anyways, a huge congratulations to Adele. After a rough performance paying tribute to George Michaels, she was able to end her evening with a gracious win.


Adele’s Full Acceptance Speech

Side note: I love the way Adele made her entire acceptance speech about Beyonce and her love for Lemonade. It shows the importance of artists supporting one another and showing respect to their peers.

Side note #2: We need to talk about Keith Urban. I know he wasn’t nominated for major awards last night, but he should’ve been.


If you haven’t listened to Ripcord, I strongly encourage you to do so. Ripcord was really my Album of the Year. It snuck up on me during a random iTunes search and I immediately fell in love. Such a good example of just how much good music is out there right now…

Check out Keith’s Grammy performance here –> Keith Urban Fighter


Also, random shoutout to Rihanna and her flask last night. Homegirl knew that she wasn’t going to win anything, so she came to just enjoy the party.


Only Rihanna…haha

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