Shut Up and Sit Down

Another week, another Monday of messes. Let’s get it!

Hot mess #1: Azealia Banks for just being a complete mess.


I know not everyone is familiar with Azealia Banks, so let me break her down for you. Banks is a “rapper, singer-songwriter,” who finds more time attacking celebrities on Twitter (she’s now banned) than perfecting her craft. Although Banks is talented, her repeated antics on social media make her a laughingstock in entertainment.

In response to an anti-Trump post by Rihanna over the weekend, Banks told Rihanna and other celebrities to “shut up and sit down.”


Why Azealia thought she could come for Rihanna is beyond me. Not only can Rihanna serve up one shady clap-back, but she can also just win an argument simply for just being Rihanna…

Rihanna, Azealia Banks Feud

Unfortunately, it looks like this story will need a couple more days to play out in the press. Let’s just hope that Azealia’s behavior doesn’t result in another social media ban.

Hot Mess #2: Donald Trump for creating more global chaos.


After the Women’s March in D.C., I hoped that the voices of the people would be heard. Boy, was I wrong…

Last week, Trump passed another executive order (I’m starting to lose count of executive orders…) that prevents citizens from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days. The ban also prevents refugees from entering for 120 days.

Although Trump claims that the ban is not targeting Muslims, people can’t help but to notice the faith of the population that it affects most.

Now, I’m all for protecting the American people and making sure that we have quality immigration laws. However, I’m also for protecting American ideals and embracing people of all colors, cultures, and religions. Not to mention, I also want a president who does not base decisions off of his own personal business interests…

Muslim-majority countries where Donald Trump does business left untouched by travel ban


p.s. One would think that Trump would be tired of people protesting. Like, isn’t it getting too loud for him?!


Hot Mess #3: Anyone who roots against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


For months now, the public has gotten used to the idea of Prince Harry and Suits actress, Meghan Markle. Although the pair seem to be perfect for each other on paper, there are a number of people who are against a future marriage due to Markle’s background. Markle is mixed race (half white, half Black) from Los Angeles with some pretty controversial family members.

Although I can understand the snobby attitudes against Markle (history is history), I cannot support them. It’s 2017 and we should just let people be happy.

Therefore, in the words of Azealia, people can definitely shut up and sit down when it comes to this couple.

p.s. If there’s another charming prince out there looking for his wife, please come find me. I hate cooking and most cleaning, so I would be great with house staff. 🙂

Hot Mess #4: Winona Ryder for looking cray on stage.


I have been a fan of Winona Ryder since 1994’s Little Women when she played the lovable Jo. And, despite a rough patch in the early 2000s, Winona has steadily worked to regain her career. Now, she’s part of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

Although Winona has done a lot of things right this past year, her facial expressions at last night’s SAG Awards were just all wrong….


While the cast of Stranger Things took home the award for best ensemble cast, Winona made some pretty crazy faces on stage, which immediately began trending on social media.

To be fair, this is how I feel every day now while watching the news….

I get you, Winona. I get you. lol

Side note: Shout out to all of the SAG winners last night, especially Denzel Washington and the cast of Hidden Figures, who surprised even themselves with their wins.

Can’t wait for the Oscars!

SAG winners list: Who won what

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