Sorry Curry

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is relieved that they survived another day of corporate America. And if you’re FUN-employed or living a random life, more power to you.

Today’s post is going to be pretty short as there wasn’t much that moved me this week, so let’s get it!

Hot Mess # 1: Golden State for losing the NBA Finals

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Golden State Warriors

Last night was a big night for television. Not only did you have an awesome episode of Game of Thrones, but you also had Game 7 of the NBA Finals, featuring  Lebron James and Steph Curry.

Now, Game 7 is always pretty exciting, but yesterday’s game marked an historical (yes, I used that word) achievement by King James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. After having been down 3-1 in the series, the Cavaliers put up a huge fight at Oracle Arena to win the entire championship. Not only did they overcome the odds of the series, but the Cavaliers also rose above the adversity of this last year, even switching coaches mid-season.

Personally, I could care less about the Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors, but the loss is definitely a tough one for the Warriors…

Hot Mess #2: Stephen A. Smith for his comments about Ayesha Curry


Since I’m already discussing basketball, I may as well write about this idiot, Stephen Smith…

In case you missed it, Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, received some negative attention (particularly from men) for tweeting that the NBA was “rigged” during Game 6 of the finals. Everyone under the sun, including Stephen, thought that Ayesha’s controversial tweet was an excuse to speak out about what makes a good NBA wife…

Read here: Stephen A. Smith Mansplains

See, this is why I could not be an NBA wife. Having some man tell me what I can and cannot say or how I should and should not act is not okay. Should Ayesha have tweeted what she did? Probably not…Did it call for commentary from the American male population? Absolutely not.

p.s. Why is her tweet even news?

p.s.s. Ayesha should probably avoid social media during high stress situations for her husband. She’s a public figure now, and she knows the world is watching. Do better girl…

Ayesha Curry Roasted On Twitter
Anyways, for the rest of this post, let me just share some of the best NBA memes. See below:





Gosh, I love the Internet. 🙂

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